Monday, June 27, 2011

Monster Mouth

Mr. Buddy  has already created holes in the pairs of one our favorite pants, so I fixed them.  He runs around making yelling noises and growling, so I figured I may as well make them monster mouth patches!  They were super easy to do, just felt or polar fleece, needle+thread, and some imagination.

He loves them!  They've even helped him learn new words: mouth, eyes, teeth, and monster! One of these days I will be a good blogger and remember to take pictures of these kinds of things. I forget the step by step photos until I am most of the way through.  If he had another pair of ruined pants, I'd have fixed those too, and then blogged about those ones.  I think they were pretty easy and didn't require any machine sewing, which is great for beginners!

ps: i shall be back soon on a regular blogging schedule! Just trying to fix my back so that I can sew again!