Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This time of year is busy for us. There is wood to cut and stack and let dry out for next year. There is a garden to plant and places to go to get mulch and fertilizer and fun things like that.  Flowers are raising their cheery heads, and they, too, need some looking after.

We attend the little town Memorial Day parade, and we listen to speeches, and give thanks to God for the men and women who serve and have served our great country.

I sew, late at night, hoping to not wake up my Buddy, because his teeth are bothering him, and
I need him to sleep. (Apron soon to be up for sale)

I spend some moments creating new looks, like this ruffled, shabby-chic looking, apron. (Also soon to be up for sale.)

We are getting used to another change in our lives: Daddy is working nights, so mornings are more hectic and upsetting, because Mama is busy trying to hush little people who have so many morning thoughts and last night's dreams to share. I am priviledged to get to hear them.  Buddy thinks that having Daddy home in the morning is the best thing ever, and spends the morning climbing up and down the stairs to try to wake his favorite toy.

So I work, trying to get my little things finished. I still need to have my sweetie help me with figuring out how to upload pictures to my Etsy shop...unless there is some wise person out there who wants to give me a hint of how to make it work!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger is being strange!

Sigh. Blogger is refusing to let me sign out of
my other blog to post here...thanks to iPod touch for
Letting me post this! I'll figure out the tech
stuff and get back on here to share! Until then..

Monday, May 23, 2011

A First Posting

Hello to one and all who hop on by here.  This is going to hopefully be the blog that will share a little about my everyday life, and my new ideas and products. Little Miss Doodlepunk is a company of one, me, Christine. (I've been reading too many Eloise books to the girls lately, I think!)   I have created a few unique little girl aprons (and big girl aprons, too), and little pocketbooks.  My girls love them, and I enjoy sewing them. I'm hoping this will turn into a successful little business on the side while I tend to my littles during the day. Hopefully at some point, there will be a take off of Little Miss Doodlepunk that will be for boys.  I have three little people who make my heart sing, and give me hope for tomorrow: Lovey, who is a very proud 5 year old; Dolly, who is happily 4 years old; and Mr.Buddy, who is currently 16 months and full of it.  Thanks for stopping by!