Thursday, July 14, 2011

Braided Headband Tutorial.

I know there are about a million of these out there, but I was so excited that *I* figured it out that I had to share!

1.) Choose some pretty can do two or three braids. Either one is adorable.
2.) Cut two- three strips. Mine are approximately 4"x20"
3.) Cut each of those into three strips.

And no, it doesn't matter if you are cutting in a straight line. This is one of those projects that I like, because I can neither draw nor cut in a straight line.

4.) Find a binder clip, or I suppose you could just tie it off on one end
5.) Clip binder clip to one end and start braiding away. :) I found that if I held the binder clip in my mouth it worked the best for keeping the most consistant looking braids.
6.) Tie off your ends tightly.
7.) Repeat until you have two or three sets.

8.) Pin the ends, so that your braids don't slip as you sew them. It just helps keep everything together for the next step.
9.) Sew those bad boys together. I've found that a tight zig zag stitch holds them together the best. Make sure you go all the way to the ends of your braids, otherwise they will unravel on you!
10.) See how pretty?!
11.) Cut off the ends, pretty close to your seam.

12.) Fold over a piece of scrap on the end to make it look more finished, if you'd like. Sew it on with a straight stitch.
13.) Get out your trusty plain white elastic. I can't really give you a number on it, because I think every kid has a different head size. Just remember that it needs to be snug so it doesn't fall off.
14.) Sew the elastic on the bottom side of headband on both sides.
15.)  Tada! Pretty headband for a sweet little girl or for a Mama to wear. (As is the case for this one!)

16.) You could most certainly stop there, and just leave it like this. Because this is cute.
17.) Or you could make a sweet little coordinating flower to go with it.
18.) I like this one so much that I hot glue gunned on both types, a pin and a clip. Mostly because I want to wear it with other things.
19.) Pin on in the desired spot and wear your sparkling new hair piece. :)

Ps: I am aware that it's been forever since I posted here! Life got in the way.  Summer is busy, but fun! Plus, we got to go camping as a family and it was awesome!

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Amanda said...

That is really cute! Good job!!