Monday, August 1, 2011

Discovering New Things

I am madly in love with sewing. But, I am living with some lovely chronic back pain, so I am learning to like some different things that are a little less stressful. Things like painting and hot gluing. haha, that sounds funny to me! Pretty sure that hot gluing anything is not really crafting, but let me pretend it is!

This is my button specimen! I love buttons so much, that it's only right that I have them on my walls too!  These are all but three vintage buttons, and it was so much fun choosing which ones to put on! I've toyed with the idea of offering something like this in my etsy shop...what are your thoughts?

Painting with acrylics is FUN! I've had this idea in my head for a long time and  finally put it on paper.  Maybe I should offer something like this too?!

This one is mine. Ha. It's on a canvas and in my happy colors. Love the whole aqua and yellow look. So bright and cheery!

And, Little Miss Doodlepunk, the shop is  open! I'll be adding things throughout the day! Come over and visit me.  I'd be super pleased if I sold something! :) *Here's to hopeful thinking!*

You can find me here: Little Miss Doodlepunk

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Anonymous said...

About your back pain. I know of a book treat your own back by robin mckenzie. It may help.